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Can give help to me neither...

T6, 08/05/2009 - 20:21
Hình của tomboy_01

This is a story that I write. Expect people to read and give me ideas. Knowledge is very currency ... People happy


One-month and then must not you?

-Not that I like you but since time is probably the very sure and I love you.

-One month from the date you and I met. Time passed so fast right?

-You are all mine. You are the life, the beats of the heart, and a belief that all what I have.

Happiness-do at the time you are. Very happy when you fist. Very happy to hug you at. Happiness is more than enough when new to your sweeter.

- You come to me very much and accidentally every time I think it is just a dream.

- You say that you ever want to be forever in my party and I want protection and love you until the end of life. Yes! I promise that you will at the end to life. Yes! I promise this will always love and protection for you until the end of life.

-From time immemorial until now no one with me as to you. You are the first girl I loved.

- You are all mine. And I do not want anything done you sad.

- You love me! I love you and I will love you forever. Do not leave me away from my friend nhé. Honey! Let me call is not so?


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T6, 15/05/2009 - 06:55
  • Hình của conchuota4
  • you raise me up, so i can stand on the moutain

    you raise me up, to walk on stormy sea,

    you raise me up, when i am on your shoulder,

    you raise me up , to more than i can be

    when i am down and, my soul , so weary,

    when  trouble come and my heart burdened be,

    i am still and wait here in the silence

    untii you come and sit awhile with me......

    you raise me up................


stay hungry stay foolish!
T5, 14/05/2009 - 20:14
  • Hình của tomboy_01
  • Chú Chuột viết sai chính tả wá trờy kà...hỳ hỳ sữa lại chút ròy mới dịch được

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