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Đề thi Olympic Tiếng anh Toàn Quốc 2003

CN, 01/01/2006 - 14:58
Hình của Neo
Vietnam National Informatics Olympic Contest
Computer/ English Test. 30 Min.
Can Tho City – April, 2003
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Multiple Choice
1. Which of the following is not necessary to considered computer literate ?
a. Knowledge of what computers are and how they work
b. The ability to write the instructions that direct a computer
c. An awareness of the computer’s importance, versatility, and pervasiveness in society
d. The ability to interact wity computers using simple applications

2. Priters and screens are common forms of
a. input units
b. storage units
c. output units
d. processing units

3. The central processing unit is an example of
a. a software
b. hardware
c. a program
d. an output unit

4. Computer memory is also known as
a. a CPU
b. primary storage
c. secondary storage
d. a hard disk

5. Secondary storage is required because
a. primary storage holds data and programs only temporarily
b. primary storage is not sufficiently fast
c. laptops cannot have primary storage
d. all of the above

6. Who own the Internet?
a. United States Government
b. Microsoft
c. The World Trade Organization
d. No one owns the Internet

7. Step-by-step instructions that run the computer are
a. hardware
b. CPUs
c. Documents
d. Software

8. The most important program in the operating system, that manages the operating systems, is called
a. the kernel
b. DOS
c. Systems software
d. Bootstrapping

9. A command line interface is
a. text-based
b. uses visual images
c. used with Windows and Mac OS
d. all of the above

10. This is the process of loading the kernel into memory when the computer is turned on
a. Booting
b. Re-booting
c. Reformatting
d. Al of the above

11. The version of Windows is typically run on pocket computers and Internet appliances.
a. Windows CE
b. Windows NT
c. Windows 2000
d. Windows Me

12. You can embed or link documents using a Windows technology called
a. Plug and Play
b. OLE
c. Scripting
d. Wizard

13. Making illegal copies of copyrighted software is called
a. software piracy
b. browsing
c. collaboration
d. electronic distribution

14. This is business software that is made up of columns and rows of numbers
a. graphing program
b. speardsheet
c. charting program
d. table

15. The type of software that can store, update, manipulate, and retrieve data is called
a. desktop publishing
b. speardsheet
c. database management
d. graphics

16. Which of the following best describes the ordering of computer professions, from least trainning and exprerience requirements, to most training and experience?
a. computer operator, data entry operator, programmer, CIO
b. data entry operator, network manager, programmer, librarian
c. computer operator, programmer, systems analyst, CIO
d. librarian, systems analyst, programmer, network manager

17. The main difference between programmers and systems analysts is
a. programmers are paid more
b. systems analysts deal with entire systems
c. programmers work more closely with users
d. all of the above are differences between programmers and systems analysts

18. Soft copy refers to
a. printed output
b. music sounds
c. screen ouput
d. digitizing

19. This gained popularity as an input device with the development of laptop computers
a. trackball
b. joystick
c. wireless mouse
d. optical mouse

20. Inkjet printers are superior to laser priters for
a. Speed - even low-end inkjet printers handle 50 pages per minute
b. Price - inkjet printers are cheaper than laser printers
c. paper quality – inkjet printers work equally well with low quality and high quality paper
d. color – laser printers cannot print on color

21. A dumb terminal
a. has a keyboard for output
b. has a monitor for input
c. has no processing capability
d. all of the above

22. What are pages in a workbook called?
a. Workbooks
b. Speardsheets
c. Worksheets
d. Relational Databases

23. How are columns in a worksheet represented?
a. By mumbers
b. By letters
c. By icons
d. None of the Above

24. ARPANet and the Internet started in
a. 1965
c. 1971
d. 1975

25. Who invente a method of linking from to site, creating the World wide Web?
a. Marc Andreesen
b. Tim Berners-Lee
c. Linus Torvalds
d. Bill Gates

26. The first graphical browser was invented by a team led by
a. Marc Andreesen
b. Tim Berners-Lee
c. Linus Torvalds
d. Bill Gates

27. You can acquire information about your progress to a new site by
a. checking the scroll bar
b. clicking the stop button
c. checking the status line
d. all of the above

28. you can quit waiting for a site that is taking too long to load by clicking this button in your browser
a. cancel
b. stop
c. quit
d. all of the above

29. This is the means of communicating by using Web links
a. domain name
b. Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
c. URL
d. Applet

30. Which of the following top-level domain names is intended to represent nonprofit organizations?
a. com
b. org
c. net
d. any of the above

31. The standard way to transfer copies of files from the Internet is a program called FPT, which means
a. first transfer program
b. file transfer program
c. file transmit protocol
d. file transfer protocol

32. E-mail client software
a. allows you to retrive, create, send, store, print and delete e-mail messages
b. allows you to attach pictures
c. includes an address book
d. all of the above

33. Which of the following is a basic component of a data comunications system?
a. Sending device
b. Communication link
c. Receiving device
d. All of the above

34. This type of transmission sends a continous electrical signal in the form of a wave
a. analog
b. digital
c. modulated
d. demodulated

35. This type of transmission uses telephone lines, coaxial cables, and microwave circuits
a. analog
b. digital
c. modulated
d. demodulated

36. Which of the following is NOT a sources of noise?
a. the sun
b. high voltage equipment
c. lightning
d. all of the above are sources of noise

37. Which of the following is a problem with the use of microwave transmission?
a. high cost
b. difficulty of implementation
c. weather interference
d. all of the above are problems

38. In satellite transmission, this amplifiles the signal, changes the frequency, and retransmits the data
a. high cost
b. difficulty of implementation
c. weather interference
d. all of the above

39. Microwave antennas can be located on
a. towers
b. buildings
c. mountains
d. all of the above

40. This can be thought of as a precommunication agreement about the form in which a messages or data is to be sent and the receipt is to be acknowledged
a. protocol
b. trasponder
c. topology
d. communications medium

41. Which of the following is NOT a communication network topology?
a. node
b. bus
c. star
d. ring

42. This network has a central computer that is responsible for managing the network
a. bus
b. node
c. ring
d. star

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