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T6, 27/01/2006 - 21:10
Hình của Neo
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(here is the question:)
"How many birthdays does an average man have in his life?"
Bà con ai biết trả lời lẹ đi, he he @-D @-D

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CN, 29/01/2006 - 02:07
  • his birthdays are equal with his ages, this question is so easy!!!hehehehe Smile %D
nothing is for-ever
T3, 31/01/2006 - 18:34
  • Hình của Neo
  • I don't agree with you. You think this question is too easy, but my question is not as easy as you think. Just use some thought. You're having the second chance. Retry it and good luck to you! Wink
T4, 08/02/2006 - 22:25
  • Oh shit!, my answer was wrong, what a pity! any way, thax 4 ur wish, Neo. ill try it later, im thinking. anyone who has the answer, plz help me to defeat this
    question as soon as possible!!
nothing is for-ever
CN, 12/02/2006 - 15:16
  • Hình của Neo
  • I don't have enough patience to wait for your answer, voyater, but as I said, you're having a second chance. So, try your best to make use of it Wink , I think that you don't want to miss it. Plain Face Plain Face I'm waiting for you, buddy! $#@
T2, 13/02/2006 - 22:55
  • oh god, this is another aswer 4 u: the birthday of an average man is given by formula:" total ages of men all over the world devided by total men".
    if this answer is wrong, i'll surender!! im so bored 'cuz this topic looks like the "solo" of u and me. so give me the answer. my buddy [IWS]
nothing is for-ever
T2, 13/02/2006 - 23:00
  • i really dont wanna this question, just 'cuz our situation is so bored!! this's the reality. Sad
nothing is for-ever
T7, 18/02/2006 - 14:45
  • Hình của Neo
  • Maybe your're right. Just you and me, that's so boring...
    But anyway, I come here to give my answer (Your answer is wrong again...)

    It is extremely easy, We all know that everyone who has only a birthday in life. That's all.
    So easy, isn't it? (oo) @-D @-D @-D @-D
T4, 15/02/2006 - 21:50
  • hey voyager, why did u say "nothing is forever" ?
    Do u know ? Nothing gonna change my love for "her". It's forever

    Love is forever
nho*' Truo`ng xu*a....
T3, 21/02/2006 - 22:54
  • to maiyeuem : u say love is forever. re u sure? have u ever thinked that u'll fall in love with SO 4ever? just think.kaka
    to Neo: i also thinked abt this answer,however its extremely easy , so i let it fly.whatt a pity!! but now i have a question 4 u:
    "i jump into the water, who am i?".kekeke
    time is unlimited.!
nothing is for-ever
T4, 22/02/2006 - 13:18
  • haha,voyage,you're so poor.i think it is the easiest quetion from Neo.His puzzle is very interesting but very difficult.i ve once tried to do his ,but i know my capality.
CN, 26/02/2006 - 15:41
  • Hình của Neo
  • @ Voyager: Oh, yes, voyager, I'm coming to answer your question, if my answer is not wrong, for your question:
    Trích dẫn:
    "i jump into the water, who am i?".
    . The answer is I am a waiter .
    @ blackpone: Hi blackpone, long time no see, how are you. You don't know that I want to see you as I want to see the sunlight... @-D
T5, 02/03/2006 - 22:25
  • hehehe. thats right Neo!! ur so smart! this expain why u got the third price of provincia contest!! how abt ur awards in high school. how many? and dou have any questions 4 me!!
nothing is for-ever
CN, 05/03/2006 - 15:49
  • Hình của Neo
  • Maybe you'll be disappointed, the third price of provincial english contest now belongs to the past... Awards in high school? Sorry, there is no award in high school...Sad...But voyager, Sure, voyager, I'm coming to give you a question Sad :In leap years, some months have 31 days. So, how many months have 29 days?
    Easy? Yes, it may be easy...Use some thought... $#@
T4, 08/03/2006 - 22:49
  • its so easy!! hehehe. just listen:
    there re 12 months!!
    really easy, use no thought!! Tongue)
nothing is for-ever
CN, 12/03/2006 - 14:21
  • Hình của Neo
  • Oh, yes, your question is right, and I hope you'll be satisfied with it, thank you for answering...
    If you have any questions, just give it here and we'll disscuss more 'bout it...
T4, 15/03/2006 - 23:01
  • temporarily no, let me collect it and ill show it 4 u later,now i wanna relax.but where is my award 4 answering ur ques?
nothing is for-ever
T2, 20/03/2006 - 20:35
  • Hình của Neo
  • Award? No award for you, you see, I didn't hang it when I asked you, oh ...
T7, 18/03/2006 - 22:25
  • ah ha!yeah. reallly sorry 'cuz didnot pay attention to ur requirement. let wait. im finding some thing very interesting in EL.
nothing is for-ever
T2, 20/03/2006 - 18:06
  • Neo,i'm very glad to know what you wrote about me.But I think you never find out who i am.Well,by the way,i like your puzzles very much.Hope to do them if i have chance.
T6, 24/03/2006 - 13:16
  • hehehe Neo long time no see, how ve u been? re u coping so much more with ur studying.? im back, but having no questions for u, just something help u relax. try it and have some fun!!


    1/ Which place do u want to have a travel most?
    A. Beijing Go To QUESTION 2
    B. Tokyo Go To QUESTION 3
    C. Paris Go To QUESTION 4

    2/ Have you ever cried when u see a touching movie?
    A. Yes Go To QUESTION 4
    B. No Go To QUESTION 3

    3/ If your boyfriend or girlfriend still has not come yet after an hour when you date with him/her, what will you do?
    A. wait for another 30 minutes Go To QUESTION 4
    B. leave immediately Go To QUESTION 5
    C. wait until he/she comes Go To QUESTION 6

    4/ Do u like to go to see a movie alone?
    A. Yes Go To QUESTION 5
    B. No Go To QUESTION 6

    5/ When he/she asks for a kiss in your first date, what will you do?
    A. Refuse Go To QUESTION 6
    B. light kiss on his/her forhand Go To QUESTION 7
    C. Agree and kiss him/her Go To QUESTION 8

    6/ Are you a humorous person?
    A. I think I am Go To QUESTION 7
    B. I think I am not Go To QUESTION 8

    7/ Do you think you are a capable leader?
    A. I think I am Go To QUESTION 9
    B. I think I am not Go To QUESTION 10

    8/ Which gender will you choose to be born if you are given a chance?
    A. Male Go To QUESTION 9
    B. Female Go To QUESTION 10
    C. I don't mind TYPE D

    9/ Have you ever got more than one boyfriends or girlfriends at a time?
    A. I think I am TYPE B
    B. I think I am not TYPE A

    10/ Do you think you are intelligent?
    A. I think I am TYPE B
    B. I think I am not TYPE C


    Let's see what results you have got!!


    Type A : Congratulations!
    You can extremely attract the opposite sex!
    You possess a charming beauty in the eyes of them.
    You not only have a pretty figure ,
    but also have a humorous and gentle personality.
    You should be a literate person and know how to
    get along with people and
    can allocate your time well,
    thus you are always popular among the opposite sex.

    Type B : Quite good!
    You can easily attract the opposite sex,
    but you are not easily fell into the loving trap.
    Your humour makes them to want to get along with you.
    He/She will be happy being with you!

    Type C : Not bad!
    You cannot attract the opposite sex very well,
    but you still have something good which make them
    like to get along with you.
    You should be an honest person and have a unique
    view in seeing things .
    You are quite friendly in the eyes of your friends.

    Type D : Oh!
    You do not attract the opposite sex.
    You do not have much knowledge, and not much
    intrinsic humane values.
    You are too rude to the opposite sex .
    Thus you are not very popular among them.

    Smile @-D %D
nothing is for-ever
T7, 25/03/2006 - 19:54
  • Hardly do i believe in your results.It's not true.Why am i in Type B?it's unreasonable.What do you base on to state them?
CN, 26/03/2006 - 15:16
  • Hình của Neo
  • Don't be serious, blackpone, It's just for fun...You're in type B, You're "Quite good", that's "quite good", or you want to "extremely attract the opposite sex"...=> :]
T4, 05/04/2006 - 17:59
  • No,i don't want attract anyone.i hate there's always someone following me.It made me annoyed.i want to be equal to everyone,not special to someone.How about you?Are you in typeA?So why do you seem very proud of it?
T5, 06/04/2006 - 14:53
  • Hình của Neo
  • I'm not in type A, Ms [green]blackpone[/blue], and I'm not pround of it at all. I just know that I myself do not have any skills in this field...
    Be satisfied with anything you're having. I think voyager can give you some more ideas 'bout this field...
T7, 08/04/2006 - 20:06
  • i have no interest in it.i'm always satisfied with myself.Because i have all.i 'm allowed to go to school,i have a warm house to come back after a tired day,i have many many close friends,who share my troubles with me....i have many other things.I think i may be a very lucky girl when having those.Now,love is nothing to me.i have much more important things.
T5, 13/04/2006 - 16:56
  • hahahaa... hey blackpone, are u kidding!!? u re the first one i ve ever seen before, a girl who needs no one to follow. is it true, so what would u do if i do follow u.hehehe ^oo^
nothing is for-ever
T6, 14/04/2006 - 18:07
  • Hình của Neo
  • Everybody has his own life-style. So, stop 'hahahaa...' at blackpone , stop joking... @-D @-D @-D @-D
CN, 16/04/2006 - 21:52
  • i am not kidding.If you want to conquer me,you'll never be successful.I'm sure that.As you said,"everybody has his own life-style,so do i.i had my private thought,and it may be different from the have no right to make fun of it.i don't like that.well,i don't want calling Ms.I hate to be called like that.So i hope that you won't call me Ms again.
T4, 26/04/2006 - 11:26
  • Hình của Neo
  • Ok, blackpone, i'm sorry... but i wonder if you really don't want anyone to follow you...Could it be?

    But maybe we've gone too far from the topic...

T4, 26/04/2006 - 18:27
  • you believe or not,i take no notice of it.Noone can stop your thought.Don't be so curious about others'.