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Guess what is this word?

T6, 16/12/2005 - 17:45
Hình của Neo
Well, this is just a quiz question...but you need some thought to find out it...And my question is "Nó là tính từ mà không phải là tính từ".
(oo) (oo) (oo) (oo)
Can you guess what is this word?
Very easy...hi hi

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T2, 19/12/2005 - 15:28
  • It is ADJECTIVE.Do i answer right?I also have a same question:What is this word:Nó là một động từ nhưng ko phải là động từ. And the answer is similar to yours.
T3, 20/12/2005 - 11:30
  • Hình của Neo
  • May be I need to make a © sign with my question Big Grin
    If your answer is silmilar to mine, so I think I needn't give it here.
    But, hey, do you have any other answers besides it?
    Have you ?